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  1. Hundreds of questions, providing hours of replay value

  2. Quick/intuitive interface for instant compatibility feedback

  3. In-depth dating analysis via ratings in four different categories:


  4. Bright, original retina display graphics (we recommend viewing them in a bar with friends!)

  5. Optimized for iOS4 and iOS5

  6. Full soundtrack

  7. A wildly original approach to modern matchmaking

  8. Great icebreaker during actual dates

  9. Even better fodder for the post-date debriefing with friends afterwards

iBacon Game
Hoot or Boot

Hoot Or Boot: The Dating Compatibility App

The dating scene is itself a game but now you have the tools to win! Let Hooty the Owl, the wisest of matchmakers, advise you on what to do about that date you just had: Is a second date a good idea? Should you avoid that person forever? Get married? Get yourself a new identity?

Hoot or Boot is simple: go on a first date, take Hooty's scientific-esque* 20-question compatilibitly quiz, and then see if there's a future with the person you just went out with.

(*By scientific-esque, we mean "not scientific at all, and only for entertainment purposes." Still, Hooty is super wise and has loads of common sense when it comes to all matters of love and human chemistry. Listen to him!)

Hoot Or Boot: Game Screens

Instructions: Go on a date and then take Hooty's patented** 20 question quiz. Answers are scored on a relative scale,
with points awarded for your date's Swagger, amount of Spark, issues related to Trust, and his/her general Stability.

Hooty will then advise you on how to proceed with this person:
should you give them a Hoot (Yes! Love is in the air!) or the Boot (Adios, don't let the door hit them on the way out!)

**Patent not pending.


This section is soon to be forthcoming!

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