Ready to get cookin’? Get your iBacon here!
iBacon Game
Hoot or Boot

Attention Bacon Lovers!

iBacon is finally here for the iPhone and iPod touch!

Impress your friends as you cook bacon right on your iPhone or iPod touch! This full-motion video simulation game takes full advantage of multi-touch, vibrate and the accelerometer “pinch” the tongs to flip your bacon, “tilt” your device to drain off excess grease, but be careful not to overcook your bacon or you’ll set off the smoke alarm! Yes, now you can cook your bacon and eat it too!



FLIP Pinch the tongs to flip each slice of bacon and cook to perfection!

POUR Tilt your device

to the left and drain off

any bacon grease!

SPLAT Swipe left and

right to clear off messy

grease splatters!

SHAKE If smoke alarm

sounds, shake device to

turn on the exhaust fan!


iBacon saved my marriage!

“This app is just plain silly. If you’re looking for an app to make friends and coworkers both laugh and salivate, than this app is for you. iBacon Sizzles!”

iBacon is GOOD eats!

“This app makes me soooo hungry for bacon, I can’t stand it! Very fun app!”

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Bacon on the GO!

“This app is just what I need when I am craving bacon and I am not able to make it (ie, on an airplane, at work, in movie theatre, at concert, bowling, etc)!
I had a craving in the middle of the night but did not want to get out of bed — well, iBacon hit the spot! Too bad the smoke alarm woke my girlfriend, but then even she couldn’t resist flipping a few strips!”

Now Available — iBacon: a game you’ll flip over!../G-Monkey_Productions_LLC/iBacon_application_for_the_iPhone_and_iPod_touch_%7C_G-Monkey_Productions_LLC.html

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